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Things Will Work Out

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Things Will Work Out

He never ceases to amaze me! Things will work out.

MRI day couldn’t have gone any better! At 6 months old our son Dexter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. He has non-cancerous tubers in his brain and a few years later a SEGA, a fast-growing tumor was discovered. MRIs are part of his life now.

It’s amazing how things work out when professionals take the time to listen to parents and work with us!

So much has changed in the medical world in the last 14 years! When we started on this medical journey, parents were part of the team but in an arms-length distance way. We were kind of listened to when we spoke but whatever they were going to do was how it was going to go.

Today, we are listened to, we are heard and respected.

Everything will work out in the end

Things will work out, we believe this.

Today, and for the last few years our son is respected, listened to, and paid attention to.

We made some suggestions to help make the day go better and they were implemented!

So much that all the things I bought last night stayed in the closet…my husband didn’t need to try to bribe him with anything! It all worked out!

After a little nap, he’s home playing Mario Brothers…sitting in a chair rather than standing of course!


What do we share with them to help medical appointments go better?

The Omaha Children’s Hospital has an amazing PATCH program. Even if you aren’t a patient there you can get the survey questions and fill out the form.  This is where we start. We print out this form, hand it to the nurse, and ask them all to read it prior to coming into the room.

We share his likes and dislikes such as:

  • He doesn’t like to be manhandled. Tell him what is happening each step of the way and do not force him.
  • If possible, allow the parents to talk him through things and work with him.
  • Absolutely no liquid medicines, he will only take pills.
  • He knows the alphabet in 40+ languages, if someone can engage him in another language that would be awesome.
  • He’s not aggressive, just gets agitated with anesthesia.
  • He does not like IVs, he only gets them in when he is sleeping and takes them out as soon as safe.
  • Bandaids are not his friend either.

My advice….give them as much information as possible to help the procedure be successful for not only your child but them! Set everyone up for success!

Worked out

Working out meaning

What does everything will work out in the end mean?

Sometimes it means that you have to take practical steps and really advocate for your kid or your family for things to start to work out.

Bob and I will do a lot of teamwork and just trust things will work out as well. We make a priority list and do those first and then move on from there. This helps more with the day-to-day life things. We always support each other. We do pretty well in teamwork situations for the vast majority of life. For us there needs to be a healthy balance of back and forth, give and take.

We focus a lot on logistics when making life happen. We don’t keep score, but if we did, there is a balance.  For us, it’s not about asking for permission, but more of having a conversation and asking questions as a sign of respect for and to each other.  


How do you trust things will work out?

To go through life believing anything else is so energy-draining. I think back to the times in life when I felt like everyone was out to get me or everything was going wrong and it’s exhausting!

How do you trust that things will be ok?

I trust that things will be ok and it is a belief I live by daily. This is simply a belief that I carry around and hold onto daily. I trust this. I trust that life is always working out for me.

Does everything have a way of working itself out?

I may not always know the “why” or the “what” it is exactly and what I do know is that it will be revealed to me in time and life is always working for me. Sure, there are times when I might have wished something happened a different way at the immediate time, yet later on, I can see that it indeed worked out exactly as it was supposed to and I see the path clearly now.

And sometimes you have to just wait through the storm and know that life will keep going and things will work out. Let go of all your expectations and know it will work out whether it’s how you imagined or not. Click below to hear more about our perspective on this subject. 



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