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The Power of Yes

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The Power of Yes

I’m practicing saying Yes more! There is power in the word yes. Yes to things that align with who I am. And so excited to share this announcement that’s now official!

I said YES to: being a greater advocate, learning and understanding more, to being a voice, to being a resource, and yes to roles that align!

I am now on the Board of Directors for Disability Rights here in Iowa and I am excited to make an even bigger impact on the disability rights of those living in Iowa. Saying yes to everything can be tiring, but saying yes to the right things for you is what you need to do to grow and be an impact in the way and to the people you want to reach. Find a way to say yes to what is important to you and true to who you are.

Courage Saying Yes To Your Inner Voice

What do disability rights advocates do?

You might be wondering What do disability rights advocates do?

Disability advocates work to promote the rights, interests, and inclusion of people with disabilities. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including disability organizations, the legal field, academia, and government. Disability advocates work in a variety of ways to achieve their goals, including:

  • Educating the public about disability. Disability advocates help to dispel myths and stereotypes about disability and to promote understanding and acceptance.
  • Advocating for legislative change. Disability advocates work to pass laws and policies that protect the rights of people with disabilities and ensure that they have equal access to education, employment, housing, and other areas of life.
  • Providing legal assistance. Disability advocates provide legal advice and representation to people with disabilities who are facing discrimination or other legal challenges.
  • Promoting self-advocacy. Disability advocates encourage people with disabilities to speak up for themselves and to advocate for their own rights and needs.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

power of saying yes

Say yes to your life

The power of yes is saying yes to your life looks different for every person. It is not the same as when one is saying yes to everything. That can drain you. You have to say yes to things that grow you, your family, your kids, or your home. Know your priorities. Say yes to things that grow relationships with your kids. Say yes to opportunities that grow yourself and who you are or want to become.

Saying yes in marriage – work as a team

To have the power to say yes to everything is a challenge.  I hear so many times a spouse say they feel like they do “all the work”. If you feel like you are the only parent who can do certain things, we get that, that is just not how we choose to live. We decide to live through teamwork. There needs to be a healthy balance of back and forth.

Making major decisions as a team…

We don’t ever make major decisions separately. When we are asking something of the other, we mention it as a thought, question or curiosity, or more of a  “I think I’ll do this that way, do you have any input?”  It shows respect. It is easier to have a conversation about it when you ask and mention it that way.

A sign of respect is asking a question and many times in our home  “If it is something worthy of asking the other to ask about it, then it’s probably worthy of a yes!”  We focus a lot on the logistics of when and how we are making it work. Sometimes it is a yes, but we cannot just make it work. It is not an ask as in “I’m asking for permission”, but the language is more a question with a conversation and a sign of respect and let’s work together on this.

Teamwork was a part of our lives growing up.

We try to understand how we can help each other with our individual and relationship needs, even though we each have totally different needs. We still get frustrated and sometimes upset, but we still try to make things work. On more of a particle note, the way we figure things out is through team meetings, and occasionally those meetings get tough. We have those meetings regularly.

No, we don’t always have that magical solution. But we will get to a solution. We also check in every morning together. The days we don’t have those meetings and check-ins are a little more challenging and more stressful than other days, and we manage. It’s so important to set each other up for success beforehand, especially if it is one spouse going out of town. Teamwork was a part of our lives growing up as athletes, so we really view our marriage as teamwork.

Each of us is more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

The power of yes is hard to start applying, but you have to start somewhere to Say yes to opportunities that grow yourself will help not only you but your family as well.


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