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 The Power of Sharing Your Story

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 The power of your story

The power of sharing

Everyone has a story. There’s power in sharing your story.

Grateful we could work with the Iowa DD Council to share a small part of our education journey for their Public Policy Agenda.

The power of sharing YOUR STORY

The power of sharing


Why sharing our story is important? Why telling your story is powerful?

I truly believe that once you know more, you do more. If we as families don’t share our stories, and those who are making policies and pass laws that impact us don’t live any element of our lives how can they know?

They are making decisions with the knowledge they have, so knowing more means they too can do more.

Thank you Iowa DD Council for allowing us to share part of our journey. If we can help move the needle in any positive direction it’s worth it.

See below:  for the full Public Policy agenda!

Here is the full Public Policy agenda.

 What is the power of storytelling?

“It’s profit over people and that’s not going to change.”
I was in the perfect meeting with the exact right people. As I listened, took everything in, and then it was my time to speak. Then I shared some of our personal stories of the challenges of a medical system that was designed to help those who need it most yet it creates more stress, drama, and financial implications and has so many unintentional consequences.
When I was finished one woman looked at me and said “This is exactly why your personal stories need to be shared. When people who are making the decisions don’t live this life they really have no idea.”
And then it came to me, “It’s profits over people and that’s not going to change.”

This is exactly what’s wrong with the system!

share your story to inspire
I found myself thinking of this posturing, saying to myself “Oh we’ll, see about that.” I don’t have all the answers, I don’t have all the know-how and it’s more than ok.
What I do know is this has fueled the fire in a greater way…..the minions behind the scenes in our lives are working, the wheels are spinning and more stories will be shared, those in decision-making positions will be educated and lives will be impacted.
I wrote this a couple of years ago and what I’ve come to learn is that change in any system takes time and a lot of behind-the-scenes work along with a lot of people.
It is happening, taking longer than I would prefer and progress is being made!

Grateful that I’m persistent and our story and passion live within me and fuel the fire every day!

Courage Saying Yes To Your Inner Voice

What is the power of sharing personal story?

Sharing your story allows others to see the world through your eyes, fostering empathy and understanding. This can create a sense of belonging and connection, as people see themselves reflected in your experiences.

We are all drawn to stories, and personal stories allow us to connect with the raw, human experience. This shared journey reminds us of our common humanity and breaks down barriers.

When you share your challenges and triumphs, you can inspire others facing similar experiences. Witnessing your journey can motivate them to overcome their own obstacles and pursue their goals.

Sharing difficult experiences can be releasing and lead to healing. It can also offer closure by allowing you to process and move forward from past challenges.

Don’t be shy to tell your story. You just don’t know who you might inspire or even get inspired yourself to fight for change and stand up for your family.


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