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Special Education Websites for Parents

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 Special Needs Websites

When our baby boy was first diagnosed at only a couple of months old, we were overwhelmed with where to start in every area of our life with the new diagnosis to our son. Looking back, we now have many resources (many free) to help us navigate our child’s diagnosis, medical needs, schooling, friends, etc. I wanted to put together a post for any fellow parents who are starting the journey or in the same boat as we are. I hope these Special Education Websites for Parents helps you. 

Special Education Websites for Parents


*Note: Everything below is linked. Click on the site you want and explore!*

 Community resources for parents with special needs child

Educational Websites for Parents

How can I help my child’s school support team?

Websites for Parents with Special Needs Child

Free resources for parents with a special needs child

 Where do parents get parenting information?

Inspiration from other parents:

Special education websites for parents near me

Free special education websites for parents

Helpful for your specific state:

Hope this helps! We will continue to add to this post with more resources we find. Feel free to let us know if of a great site you love that we can add!


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