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Siblings Stick Together!

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Siblings Stick Together!

When given the option – they chose inclusion! Do Siblings Stick Together?

We had to have a conversation with our daughters today. 

Sibling Relationship 

Their brother was no longer able to do an activity with them in a way that worked for him. Therefore, they would not be able to do it together any longer. Of course, they had many questions and more feelings. They were just trying to understand.

We gave them their options and let them know whichever decision they decided, it was going to 100% be the right decision. They could continue the activity, the two of them, and we would find something else for their brother to do, OR they could choose a new activity that the three of them could do together.

How do you describe a bond between siblings?

Without hesitation, the decision was to change and do something together. They love experiencing life together and more importantly, they didn’t feel good about not having him with them.

Inclusion, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Sibling Bonding

Yes, Siblings Stick Together!

Siblings stick togeather


There might be realities to having special needs kids, but even still it does not have to be complicated. 

“Siblings are the truest form of love, family, and friendship. Always being a part of you.”


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"The choice was crystal clear in that hospital room. My husband and I looked at each other, and we both knew that we were going to redefine normal. We were going to love our little boy totally, and we were going to navigate through our child’s special needs to the very best of our ability. We were going to find joy in caring for our child, no matter the circumstances!" > Keep Reading...
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