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Seeing the Best in Others

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Seeing the Best in Others

 Seeing the best in others. Seeing the greatness in others. Letting them know. 

Our non-profit Dexter’s Dream has had a Sensory Santa event for the last three years..

Occasionally after Santa and the child were done taking pictures he would ask the Mom or Dad to sit down by him. And what transpired after that was beautiful and brought tears to anyone in the room who witnessed it, which was primarily me and other family members.

Santa would ask questions so kindly about the child and life, he would share with them what a wonderful job they are doing and how hard it can be to parent a child with a disability.

Seeing the Best in Others

Love sees the best in others

Seeing the best in everyone

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear someone say to you ‘You’re doing a good job!’ And that’s always when the tears started flowing for me and them. And next came an embrace…a hug like no other….no parent ever thinks they are coming to the event to have a talk with Santa for themselves, yet once you do there’s a sense of relief, gratitude and a little more energy to keep going.

You were seen today.

Someone saw you were doing an incredible job.

Someone saw you doing your best.

No judgment, only love.

The next time you see a parent struggling, a child having a hard time or honestly you walk by someone. Tell them ‘You’re doing a good job.’ 

You never know….those might be the exact words they need to hear to keep going a little more.

You’re doing a good job! You’ve got this! Keep it up!

Seeing the Best in Others - be kind

Seeing the best in someone

See the good in yourself and others

“Seeing the best in someone” is a beautiful and powerful concept. I am not saying to overlook flaws or pretend they don’t exist, but instead choose to focus on their positive qualities, potential, and capacity for growth. This will give that person a sense of empowerment, compassion, and growth. For you, it gives you happiness, a stronger relationship, and personal growth as well.  It’s important to maintain a balanced perspective, acknowledge their weaknesses as well as simultaneously believe in their ability to improve. To be able to cultivate this perspective you can focus on their strengths and positive qualities, practice empathy, and believe in their potential.

Seeing the Best in Others - with sanata

See good in everyone

What does it mean to see the best in others?

I try to always come from the perspective that everyone is out living life truly doing the best they can. When I take a step back and view actions or behavior from this lens it puts life into perspective. I can now ask myself questions such as “What might they be trying to communicate? Might there be something else going on in their world that is causing what I’m seeing?” And even thoughts such as “How can I be of help or service to them?:

Why do I always try to see the best in others?

Life is short and way to short to be miserable. It’s not any fun to see the worst in people so why not see the best? We have been granted the gift of perspective so why not use it for good? The world could use a little more love and light!

Seeing the Best in Others-dexters dream


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