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Perspective Matters

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Perspective Matters

Why is perspective important in life

Perspective Matters. It’s a matter of perspective.

I’ve been up for several hours researching, and figuring out ways to do what’s best for our child as we navigate our IEP situation. I know it will all work out exactly the way it’s supposed to.

I stopped for a moment to think about perspective. Seeing each situation for what it is and honoring where they as human beings are in life. Yes, on several occasions my mind wanted to go into judgment by thinking “Really, this is what you are worried about?” And after a few moments, I moved to expansion and gratitude. We are all on this journey together and what paths we take are very different.

What is the meaning of perspective matters?

What is the concept of perspective?

In this week’s journey to Wednesday, I’ve encountered:

  • I was attending a meeting where some other’s greatest challenge was the school drop-off line. At the original time of writing this, I was still trying to figure out how to get my child services in a world where the pandemic seems to be over yet forget about those who are immune-compromised. It was really difficult to find gratitude and expansion on this one. I’ll be honest; I eventually got there. “We are all on a journey, celebrate everyone’s place,” I said over and over until it landed. Grateful I don’t have to deal with a drop-off or pick-up line!
  • A fellow TS Mom posted their child had 2 days of fun and is now being prepped for brain surgery in 1 hour. A humble amount of gratitude for the medicine my son has been able to take to avoid brain surgery, and many prayers for the family and medical professionals.
  • A Mom who is celebrating the life of a child who passed away far too soon. Gratitude for our children and sending love and light their way, I really can’t imagine.
  • Someone else asking where to find shelter from an abusive situation, another family asking for food donations, families sheltering and evacuating for a hurricane and fires…and I could go on and on…

It’s all a matter of perspective, where we are at each moment of our lives on our journey. One is not greater or lesser than another. What feels like an emergency for someone may seem like no big deal to another.

Perspective Matters

Perspective meaning

Love, peace, gratitude, and expansive thoughts replace judgment, fear, and lack.

There are times when it’s a challenge. There are times when we want to “sit in it” and sulk.  It’s ok, it’s all perfect because it’s all our own journey through this thing we call life….together….supporting each other instead of judging……loving each other instead of shaming.

Perspective matters meaning

I love looking at the meaning of words according to the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines perspective as the following:

  1.  A: a mental view or prospect to gain a broader perspective on the international scene. Ba visible scene. especiallyone giving a distinctive impression of distance
  2. A: the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed places the issues in the proper perspective. Bthe capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance trying to maintain my perspective
As you look at these definitions the similarity I see is in seeing something for what it is, how I view it based upon where I am in the world today. Perspectives are personal. Perspectives are unique. We each have our own based upon where we are experiencing life.

Why does your perspective matter?

I frequently walk through a cemetery in our town as I’m out and about. It’s quiet, I say with a smile on my face. And it’s a place that can help provide some perspective. I’m here on earth still.
I always walk by this headstone that is now too old to tell what is written on it. I’m always curious, what was their story? Their legacy? What would they think about life and the world if they were here today?
Put it into perspective.
There is a tremendous amount of frenzied energy in the world right now. In the middle of it all, take a moment to put it into perspective.
Why does your perspective matter?

Perspective Matters in Life

  • No, it doesn’t matter what dress the little girl wore to school today. See the joy she has in wearing it.
  • Just admit you made a mistake and didn’t send the email. Make it right.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up when you know a child isn’t getting the services they are legally entitled to. You are doing the right thing!
  • Never comment about a child’s medicine if that’s out of the scope of your profession.
  • READ the IEP if you have said you did. Don’t act shocked when you’re corrected, because you didn’t do your job.
  • It’s never “JUST” anything…these are humans you are dealing with.
Every day is a new day.
The things above are not emergencies, yet at the same time, they are because of HOW it is being handled by one side of the party involved. And these are real situations that have happened to families recently.
Step back. Pause. Breathe. Gain some perspective.
Life will thank you so much.
You’ve got this….it may feel like you don’t at times and know you are doing the best you can at this moment. Pause again. Breathe some more.

What does perspective is everything mean?

Perception shapes reality.

Perception helps with empathy and understanding

Perception helps us be on a path to openness and growth.

Perception helps with decision-making and problem-solving.

Perception is our happiness and resilience.

What perspective should I have when my kid gets a diagnosis? 

What perspective should I have when my kid gets a diagnosis? 

What mindset should I have? Is it a mindset or strategy? 

What mindset should I have? Is it a mindset or strategy? 

More love, more joy, and more peace to you all as you navigate today and every day. When you can, take a step back and remember, it’s all a matter of perspective.


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