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Hey Mom…You’re not the montster…

Dear Mom….You’re not the monster!

“When did I become the monster?”  A friend and I were talking about some challenges they were having with her child’s school. She didn’t feel these were earth shattering situations until she felt like she had suddenly become a monster for her advocating for her child.

You didn’t become a monster and you’ll never be a monster. You my dear friend are your child’s advocate and always will be.

Her child loves school and she had some questions from the IEP. From there, more questions were opened up and more concepts were being looked into…she was advocating for what was right for her child, not anyone else’s child.

She has a great relationship with everyone on the team and was pressing forward, until one day she was made to feel like she was a monster. She was asked why she was “checking up on things.

My answer for her will forever stay the same….Keep it up, you’re doing something right!  You know your child the best, you know what makes them tick and tock, you know your child!

You aren’t a monster, you’re an advocate and an advocate never lets down. An advocate keeps asking the tough questions, keeps seeking out answers and keeps going. Yes, there are days when you are worn down, tired and feel like there’s not much left…..let yourself rest, take a little break and then yes, you got it, you get back up and keep going because your child needs YOU and YOU are their ADVOCATE.  You got this!

And P.S…this situation turned out just perfectly! Keeping open communication is key as well as looking at our self talk! Can’t wait to dive into this more here!

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"The choice was crystal clear in that hospital room. My husband and I looked at each other, and we both knew that we were going to redefine normal. We were going to love our little boy totally, and we were going to navigate through our child’s special needs to the very best of our ability. We were going to find joy in caring for our child, no matter the circumstances!" > Keep Reading...
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