Frustrated? Focus On The Blessings ★ Raising A Special Needs Child

Frustrated? Focus On The Blessings

It’s Human Nature To Feel Frustrated

I’m sure you’ll relate to how frustrated I was today… The dreaded phone call to the insurance company only to be passed around to the “appropriate person” who knows exactly what to do.

I spend a lot of time on the phone with offices, pharmacies, insurance companies; scheduling appointments, checking and ordering prescriptions or trying to figure out why a random bill has come in the mail.

Today I had to chuckle because I was passed around many times until finally a gal realized and said… “Oh there’s no one else to send you to, I guess I’ll figure it out for you!” My response to her verbally was “Fantastic, I’m glad I’ve finally found the right person!” In my head I was thinking so many other things that I could have said but really why… why rain on someone else’s parade when she really couldn’t do anything about what happened with the 10 people I spoke with before her.

Instead Of Feeling Frustrated, Focus On The Blessings

I could totally get frustrated with her and let my thoughts fly, and take it out on her the fact that I’ve spent an hour of my life I won’t get back OR I can show a little grace and gratitude for the one gal who made up her mind to really help me figure out what was going… even if she was my last option.

Reminds me of the time when I drove to a studio I was going to work with, that was 6 hours away, only to find out everyone was either sick or there was a family emergency and no one was available. Yes, I left my house at 5am and drove 6 hours, turned around and drove another 6 hours home… I chose to be thankful for the time I had in my car getting caught up on my audio books and trainings… and really… what mother of 3 children wouldn’t kind of love 12 hours to herself in a car listening to something other than kids tunes!

I have found in life that you get more with honey than vinegar… Where in your life do you need to use a little more honey? ☺️ to do!



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