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Everyday is a Miracle

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Everyday is a Miracle

Not every day is perfect but every day is a miracle

Every day is a Miracle! Dexter was included in an amazing rare disease project in Omaha. As part of this, I was asked to write a description/recap of the history story and his diagnosis. How do I put the last 14 years into words? I started writing and the words just flowed through me. I finished and read what I had written and the tears flowed through this time. 14 years recapped onto one page, ending with Everyday is a Miracle!

I think back to discovering that I was pregnant. Never in our wildest dreams would we have guessed this is how life would have gone or be today. The tests, the pokes, and everything that he has had to endure. The decisions, the heartaches, the pains that go along with being alongside your child on their journey, desiring to do everything humanly possible to help them, yet at times it’s completely out of our control. We again find ourselves in a time of making hard decisions. Not about his health thankfully. We’ve always trusted our gut and science. Doing what’s necessary isn’t always easy. 

Miracle Happens Everyday

 Every day we wake up and we do not know what it might hold with Dexter. It could be smooth sailing or it could be a wild one. But every day we know that every day we have with him is a Miracle! Frequently I think if only others stopped for a moment to consider what an ounce of life is like for him, for us, things would be different, right? I couldn’t be more grateful to be his Mom, and I smile when I get introduced as Dexter’s Mom because it’s an honor. I smile knowing that despite everything going on in this world and his world Everyday we have with him is honestly a Miracle!

Everyday is a Miracle

See miracles in life every day

We see miracles in life every day while being parents to a child-like Dexter. Many ask us how we deal with it every day. We don’t “deal with it”.When you get the diagnosis you either be sad and feel sorry for yourself and bring you down, or you can redefine our normal and still have a happy life and happy children. It is what it is. You have to just be ok with it and accept it because you can’t do anything else about it. Once you accept it then you can view every day like the miracle it is. We advocate for all children, but when it comes to comparison, we don’t care. We focus on what is right for our child and we see it with positivity and seeing it with everyday is a miracle meaning.

There is “No” normal. No…just as there is no normal measuring stick in life, there is no normal way to do your family! You get to choose, you get to decide, and you get to redefine normal in your life in a way that works best for you and–more importantly–that feels right for you!

Why is life a miracle?

If we really think about “life” the entire concept is a miracle from the very beginning. Every day we are here, breathing and enjoying the life before us is a miracle and one we don’t take for granted.  There have been plenty of days that were going along just as expected and then “oh no” Dexter is having a seizure and everything changes in an instant.  

What miracles do we see everyday?

When we look around our lives we see miracles.  Dexter has two sisters who are patient, loving, and kind. We have the therapists that work so hard for him. The greatest miracle each month is when the medicine arrives on time with no hiccups….now that’s a miracle with the insurance companies today. Grateful we taught our son to take pills at age 4 and he was able to do it, it’s saved us so many times when he won’t take liquid medicine. It doesn’t take too long to look around and see a miracle. 

How can we make miracles in our daily life?

Seeing miracles every day in our lives is a matter of perspective. We choose to look at the perspective of “what is working for us or what’s it take to make this happen.” The fact that our son has medicine that can help control his seizures to the best of it’s ability is honestly a miracle, someone came up the formulary to make it happen!  Look at the electricity coming into our homes so we are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, that’s amazing when you begin to think about everything that has to happen for something that many times we take for granted.

What is an everyday miracle?

An everyday miracle to us is life. I go into my son’s room every morning grateful that even though he has such a rough diagnosis we are able to spend so many days with him and the hope for so many more. I see my husband and my two girls and think the same thing. What an absolute miracle it is that we are able to spend more days together in this life. 


Perspective is everything when your child is diagnosed. Click here to understand more about how we diagnoses have been a part of our lives – that it is normal and how – they are not something to be scared of or to label us negatively

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