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Diversity and Inclusion Examples

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 Diversity and Inclusion Examples

 Diversity vs Inclusion

Diversity Inclusion Topics

INCLUSION: The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. 

DIVERSITY: The practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different IQ’s, etc.

what does diversity and inclusion mean to you

What does Inclusion Mean to You

Diversity and Inclusion Programs Examples 

Team IMPACT, Autism Action Partnership, and Omaha Mavericks all have incredible programs.

 What Does Diversity and Inclusion Mean to You

Our son hasn’t been part of a team before. We are so grateful for Team IMPACT, the supportive coaches, and amazing players. I sat in the car for a bit after today’s session thinking about how many times Dexter said things like that’s ‘our mascot,’ that’s ‘my team.’ He’s so looking forward to spending more time with them. As parents, we weren’t really ever sure he would have an experience like this. This is what inclusion looks like. Athletics were a large part of my husband and my lives, we learned so many lessons and experienced so much of life with our teams. Although it’s not the same for Dexter, he’s getting the best part of his team experience…INCLUSION. And Team Impact is inclusion at its finest! Thank you, we are ever so grateful!

diversity and inclusion programs examples

What is a good example of diversity and inclusion?

 How can you demonstrate diversity and inclusion?

This summer, the Omaha Mavericks Men’s Soccer team joined our son for a Union Omaha Soccer game at the Community Night with Autism Action Partnership. My son was excited to ‘hang with his teammates.’  This fall, Dexter got to take part in the media day with ‘his teammates.’ They included him in pictures. They kicked the ball around with him. He asked them if they spoke other languages, and then he sang the ABC song in that language. They were so kind, and we learned he was saying things correctly. He did get stumped by not knowing Albanian yet, so he spent the next week learning Albanian….he’s got it now! They autographed his notebook, played rock paper scissors with him, and they let him hang out. They let him pull the snail trick again…and he mixed it up with the occasional turkey. And most importantly, they let him be him.

diversity inclusion topics

Diversity and Inclusion activities and diversity and Inclusion Books

Special Needs Diversity and Inclusion Activities

Here are some fun and engaging activities that promote diversity and inclusion for children with special needs:

  • Storytelling: Read books that feature characters with disabilities or from different cultures. Discuss the characters’ strengths, challenges, and experiences. Encourage children to share their own stories and perspectives.

  • Art projects: Create artwork that celebrates diversity. This could include self-portraits, collages, or paintings that represent different cultures, abilities, and backgrounds.

  • Games and activities: Play games that promote cooperation and understanding. These could be board games, sports, or even simple activities like Simon Says or Duck, Duck, Goose.

  • Field trips: Visit places that represent different cultures or abilities. This could include museums, cultural centers, or even your local library.

  • Community service: Volunteer your time to help others in your community. This could be anything from delivering meals to the elderly to helping out at a local animal shelter.

Here are some great books that celebrate diversity and inclusion for children with special needs:

diversity vs inclusion

Talking about diversity and inclusion can bring up feelings about how to even deal with your kid being diagnosed or if you should get them diagnosed. Here is a video we did on the subject. 

hard times

As well as understanding a life of a “new normal” with many mountains you might face. 

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