Break Free & Redefine Normal: Families With A Special Needs Child Video

3-STEP PROCESS: Eliminate Overwhelm & Restore Balance

Raising a Special Needs Child Can Be Challenging and Rewarding. Use This Simple 3-Step Process To Break Free of the External Expectations & Start Restoring the Balance Back in Your Life Today!

Step 1: Adjusting Your Decision-Making Process

STEP 1: Adjusting Your Decision-Making Process

In this video, we will be discussing your decision-making process and how to make adjustments to your thought process to not allow other’s or society to impact the best decision you are making for your family.

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We’ll dive into getting uncomfortable and being comfortable there and how to handle uncomfortable situations like a pro!  > WATCH IT NOW!

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We’ll discuss the components of your team and how to make it a great team!  

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Wendy Andersen is a speaker for special needs families.

Wendy Andersen is on a mission to encourage families to break free from external expectations and to find balance in life. She has spoken at numerous conferences and continues to enrich her audiences through ongoing training sessions and seminars geared to help them not just survive, but THRIVE!

Wendy is the mother of three children, including one child with special needs. She is constantly redefining what normal looks like in her own family, and she has embraced living life on her own terms and letting go of others’ expectations. As the creator of “Real Families Redefining Normal,” Wendy is transforming the way families approach what normal means to them and helping them to create their lives, their way.