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Excitement for Life Blog Post
Excitement for Life My note to our little boy: Dear World, My everyday thoughts and prayers are for my son,[...]
Set the intention
Set the intention Set intentions, not expectations Intentions to set Release the expectation of how it will go. Set intentions[...]
How to Deal with a Difficult Diagnosis
How to Deal with a Difficult Diagnosis When others hear we have a special needs son and a daughter with[...]
Special Education Websites for Parents
 Special Needs Websites When our baby boy was first diagnosed at only a couple of months old, we were overwhelmed[...]
Siblings of Child with Special Needs
Siblings of child with special needs The reality of being a sibling of a child who has special needs, unique[...]
It’s Not About Winning or Losing
It's Not About Winning or Losing   It's about having fun Just Having Fun It's not about winning or losing. It's[...]
Perspective Matters
Perspective Matters Why is perspective important in life Perspective Matters. It's a matter of perspective. I've been up for several[...]
What are executive functioning skills?
What are executive functioning skills?  What are executive skills? Executive functioning skills are a set of mental processes that we[...]
 The Power of Sharing Your Story
 The power of your story The power of sharing Everyone has a story. There's power in sharing your story. Grateful[...]
Beating all Odds
Beating all odds Two hands on the wheel' 'Two hands on the wheel' we hear from the back of the[...]
Tears of Gratitude Meaning
Tears of Gratitude Meaning  What is the full meaning of gratitude? What do tears symbolize? Out for a walk at[...]
 Divide and Conquer
Divide and conquer strategy What does divide and conquer mean? For the longest time, I fought systems, but now we[...]
The Power of Yes
The Power of Yes I'm practicing saying Yes more! There is power in the word yes. Yes to things that[...]
Kids with Dyslexia
Kids with Dyslexia Dyslexic Means Knowledge is power, and so little is known about dyslexia in the educational community. I,[...]
Give Yourself Permission
Give Yourself Permission   Permission to Feel According to my favorite friend Webster: Permission means to give consent to a person[...]
Diversity and Inclusion Examples
 Diversity and Inclusion Examples  Diversity vs Inclusion Diversity Inclusion Topics INCLUSION: The action or state of including or of being[...]
Disability Rights and Representation
Disability Rights and Representation My thoughts on the subject  Disability rights and representation are a very important topic in our[...]
Things Will Work Out
Things Will Work Out He never ceases to amaze me! Things will work out. MRI day couldn't have gone any[...]
Seeing the Best in Others
Seeing the Best in Others  Seeing the best in others. Seeing the greatness in others. Letting them know.  Our non-profit[...]
Everyday is a Miracle
Everyday is a Miracle Not every day is perfect but every day is a miracle Every day is a Miracle![...]
We all have our off days
We All Have Our Off Days  What does it mean to have off days? Some days you're just not feeling[...]
Comparison is the Thief of Joy
Comparison is a Thief  I believe that comparison is a thief of joy. 'Don't you want to know how your[...]
Siblings Stick Together!
Siblings Stick Together! When given the option - they chose inclusion! Do Siblings Stick Together? We had to have a[...]
A lesson from my 5 year old ~ Wacky Wednesday
A lesson from my 5-year-old It’s Wacky Wednesday at Cheerleading Camp! I’m so excited to help my newly 5-year-old daughter[...]
Realities of having a child with special needs
Realities of having a child with special needs The realities of having a child with special needs! This is the[...]
There is No “Normal”
There is No "Normal" Is there such thing as normal? In a matter of 36 hours, our seemingly normal life[...]
Hey Mom…You’re not the monster…
Dear Mom….You’re not the monster! “When did I become the monster?” A friend and I were talking about some challenges[...]
Have you asked for what you want lately?
Have you asked for what you want lately? Have you asked for what you want lately? I’ve been having conversations[...]
What do I say to friends and family?
What do I say to friends and family? The awkwardness of the parent’s thinking: “How are they going to respond,[...]
Day of Courage: I secretly stopped criticizing
It Takes Courage to Share My Day of Courage #DayOfCourage Day of Courage: I secretly stopped criticizing On August 28th,[...]
Frustrated? Focus On The Blessings
 Frustrated? Focus On The Blessings. It's Human Nature To Feel Frustrated I’m sure you'll relate to how frustrated I was[...]
Your Glass: Is It Half Full or Half Empty?
Is your glass half empty or half full? Is your glass half empty or half full? This is a debate[...]
It Takes Courage: Saying Yes To Your Inner Voice
Listening To Your Inner Voice Sometimes that little voice inside your head just keeps talking! Yes, I know that sounds[...]

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