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Beating all Odds

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Beating all odds

Two hands on the wheel’

‘Two hands on the wheel’ we hear from the back of the vehicle.

Our son is 14. His friends and kids his age are getting their learner permits.

For a moment when I saw their pictures on social media, I did get sad. It’s ok to feel sad and I quickly shifted to gratitude and what an exciting milestone this was in their lives.

About a month ago I had to go to the DMV. As I was leaving I saw the driver’s license manual. I stopped and looked at it for a second. And then I grabbed one.

As I walked out I thought, there’s no reason we can’t teach our son the rules of the road, how to drive and someday do a little practicing in a parking lot if he ever wants to.

He has beaten all kinds of odds that we heard from the beginning… the neurologist said ‘we don’t know what his life will look like,’ And guess what….we still don’t but that doesn’t mean we can’t try!

So for now each time we take a hand off the wheel, itch our nose, take a drink, change the air temp we hear ‘Two hands on the wheel’ from the back of the vehicle.

We smile and know he’s mastered that rule of the road!

Beating the odds

Beating the odds

What does “beating the odds” really mean?

According to every internet search the definition is “one is highly unlikely to succeed at something.”

Well….that can sound a little depressing and yet we see examples of someone “beating the odds” every day. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Against All Odds podcast

Here are a couple of live podcasts we have on what it is like to beat the odds. Click on the topic you would like to listen to help you beat the odds.

What does beating all the odds mean?

What does it mean to fight against all odds?

In our family, it looks many different ways. One of the first important questions to answer is “Beating the odds against what?” There is a large amount of judgment in this statement and it’s really left up to your own personal thoughts, opinions, and the ideals you’re being compared to.

We don’t know what my son’s life will look like, and yet we continue to help him develop the skills he needs to live as independent of a life as he possibly can. I just said the other day, “We aren’t trying to limit him, yet at the same time, the reality is he will probably never live on his own 100% independently.”

So would him living on his own 100% independently be “beating the odds?” Sure, maybe if that’s how you want to look at it. Beating the odds can also mean, you’re here living the life you want to be living.

None of us know what life is going to look like. So when it comes down to it, aren’t we all really beating the odds?

It’s all a matter of perspective and how we’re seeing it in the moment.

How do you win against all odds?

Against all odds

 It’s all a matter of  perspective and our mindset.

  • Beating all odds can mean so many different things to so many people. What does it really mean to you? Because that is the only thing that matters. You and I may have very different opinions, and that’s ok! What’s beating the odds to you, might be everyday life for me. See beating the odds in your life for exactly what it is for you.
  • Don’t judge someone else’s outlook on beating the odds. In all reality, the numbers were stacked against us from the very beginning so the simple fact that we are here on this Earth has us winning from the very start!


A few years ago I went on a business mission trip with a group of amazing business owners all out to make a difference in this world. We were in Nicaragua and stayed at a place that was a turtle hatchery.
beat the odds
Statistics say 1 in about a 1000 will make it and live. Each day around sunset we would go out to the ocean and release baby turtles, standing around to ensure the birds didn’t get them and watching them make their way to the ocean. It was so beautiful to watch.
We have a choice to focus on the 999 that won’t make it into adulthood and what’s the point of putting in so much effort with those odds OR we can think about what an AMAZING life this 1 turtle will have and the impact it can have!

Which do you choose?


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