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Have you asked for what you want lately?

Have you asked lately? I’ve been having conversations with mom’s and frequently hear them talk of their wants…..”I would love it if my husband would help me with medicine sometimes throughout the week. I would like to go out to dinner with girlfriends. I would love it if my husband would put the clothes away.”

Let me clarify and say I’m not specifically complaining about my household LOL…but giving some examples I’ve heard lately.

Last school year I REALLY wanted my husband and son out the door on their way to school at 8am, not 8:04 or 8:10am…8:00am…..as I was internally complaining about this the thought suddenly came to mind “Have you asked him to please be out of the house by 8am because it makes it easier to get the girls and myself ready?”

Hum…have I asked for what I want? Great question and the answer was no I haven’t. Instead, I had been complaining in my head about everything wrong with them still being in the house after 8am. So, that night I spoke with my husband and explained to him why I would love for them to be gone by 8am. He understood and now works really hard to get them out of the house in time.  And in the times when they are a little bit later it doesn’t bother me as much because I know he was trying!

Ready to do something with girlfriends but feel like they never ask you?  It’s time…go ahead and ask them! Needing for someone to assist you on a project…here’s your permission ask!  Longing for a date night with your husband but never have anyone to watch the kids…you guessed it…now’s the time to start asking!

Sometimes it’s a hard pill to shallow, but we need to do it!

Is there something you need to ask someone? Is there something you say “I wish” for a lot? This might be an indication it’s time to have a conversation. My hope is that your words will fall on the willingness of the person you are speaking with. Just ask.

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