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Get Ready to Redefine Normal!

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Do you have a special needs child in your life?  Are you a parent who was blind-sided by the news and who’s now trying to find joy in the midst of the pain of knowing your child won’t have a “normal” life?  Or are you a teacher or administrator seeking to serve ALL of the students in your school, including those with special needs, at the highest level?

My name is Wendy Andersen, and I’m about to help you redefine “Normal.”

When my oldest child was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis at six months old, everything changed in an instant.  I had a choice.  My life had been redefined against my will.  I could decide that life had dealt me a bad hand, and go about the rest of my days railing against the disorder my child would struggle with for the rest of his life. Or. . .

I could RISE up, RALLY, and LOVE my child fully, just as I had done from his first breath.

The choice was crystal clear in that hospital room.  My husband and I looked at each other, and we both knew that we were going to redefine normal. We were going to love our little boy totally, and we were going to navigate through our child’s special needs to the very best of our ability. We were going to find joy in caring for our child, no matter the circumstances!

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You need support from someone who “gets it!”

Whether you’ve just found out that your little one is considered “special needs,” or whether you’re looking to increase your empathy for and understanding of other people’s special needs children, you don’t have to do it alone.

It can be tough to navigate all the “special” things that come along with a special needs child. There are myriads of appointments (doctor visits, tutoring, therapy, etc.). There are the small activities that are actually major milestones (e.g. tying a shoe, riding a bike without training wheels). And there are the countless well-meaning people who give advice but have no clue what you’re facing, day in and day out.

Wendy Andersen & Bob Andersen are Parents of a Special Needs Child dedicated to helping other special needs families.

That’s exactly why I created programs for families of special needs children and for schools who serve these very special kids. My mission is to EMPOWER you to live joyfully even as you care for your loved ones with special needs!

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